Latest Projects from Naples Canvas 

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we weren't sure what was going to happen to our little shop in Naples. With strict guidelines, businesses shutting down left and right, and emergency personnel struggling to find PPE (Personal Protetictive Equipment), we decided to get to work. After all, isn't our motto "We Got You Covered"? 
Once we fulfilled our first order for masks for nurses at a local hospital, requests started pouring in, and we rose to the occasion by providing our community with over 1,500 masks! Our community is everything to us; they've made us who we are today, so we decided to give back! 
Are your car or truck seats showing a little too much wear and tear ? 
Do you want to keep your car but re vamp its interior? 
Here at Naples Canvas and Upholstery we can give your vehicle a complete makeover - making it look and feel like new inside. 
If you leave your barbeque, tables, chairs and other furniture and equipment outside then you'll want to protect them from the damage from the sun, wind, rain, and animals.  
Don't want sun bleached, rain dusted, wind battered outdoor furniture? Call Naples Canvas & Upholstery! We Got You Covered! 
Looking to spruce up your boat ?  
For this project, you will see:  
Floor mat replacement 
New enclosure and shade covers 
New vinyl on seats 
... A complete makeover for 50’ SeaRay 
Introducing “The Naples Canvas European Shopping Bag” specially hand made for your fresh Farmers market purchases. This fun gorgeous sturdy shabby chic shopping bag is going to be sold at the Farmers Market on 3rd exclusively.  
In addition to our bags, we have also created beautiful holiday hand painted cusions ...  
Your boat may be old, but it doesn't have to look like it! This little Hurricane came into our shop looking a little worse for the wear, simply due to being exposed to the hot Floridian sun and elements. The best way to protect your boat and its components is to cover it up whenever you're done using it. Unfortunately, time and the elements destroyed the original canvas for this boat, but don't Naples Canvas & Upholstery, We Got You Covered! 
When you go on vacation and you have to stay in a Hotel, how would you feel if you saw one that has cracked, faded, or damaged seats? Would you feel comfortable staying in a place that doesn't care about their appearances? We certainly wouldn't. 
This Luxury Hotel in our area feels the same way, so they contacted us here at Naples Canvas & Upholstery to spruce up their dining areas and lobby! Check out some of our work here! 
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