When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we weren't sure what was going to happen to our little shop in Naples. With strict guidelines, businesses shutting down left and right, and emergency personnel struggling to find PPE (Personal Protetictive Equipment), we decided to get to work. After all, isn't our motto "We Got You Covered"? 
Once we fulfilled our first order for masks for nurses at a local hospital, requests started pouring in, and we rose to the occasion by providing our community with over 1,500 masks! Our community is everything to us; they've made us who we are today, so we decided to give back! 
Prototypes & first itirations of our masks, and the updated, longer lasting material. 
Despite setbacks and respecting social distancing, our team at Naples Canvas & Upholstery put together over 1,500 masks! Here is one day's haul, ready to be delivered to our community! 
Once we were able to get back into the office, our designers and fabricators got right back to work making more and more! 
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