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We may be a small company, but that doesn't mean that we only take small jobs! As part of our repertoire of services, we offer commercial reupholstering services and this is just one example of the many jobs that we've taken on recently. This local Arena has a bar in it's upper levels that was in dire need of revamping, so they came to us to completely reupholster their 11 booths! Because these booths were all custom made (and therefore slightly different), they needed a company that could bring them custom made backrests and seat cushions that would match the existing framework; that's where Naples Canvas & Upholstery came in! Our expert designers came in and offered a solution that was of higher quality and easier to remove for future repairs! 
If your business needs seating that could use an update, call Naples Canvas & Upholstery! We Got You Covered! 
The original cushions were permanently stapled to the frame of the booth, which made it impossible to completely and cleanly remove them to be repaired. 
When you go on vacation and you have to stay in a Hotel, how would you feel if you saw one that has cracked, faded or damaged seats? Would you feel comfortable staying in a place that doesn't care about their appearances? We certainly wouldn't! 
This Luxury Hotel in our area feels the same way, so they contacted us here at Naples Canvas & Upholstery to spruce up their dining areas and lobby! Check out some of our work here! 
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